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The ALERT-2 medical gas alarm is used by hospital personnel to monitor gas pressures and vacuum levels of the medical gas pipeline. All gases or vacuum levels are displayed with large red LED's for clear visibility, readable even in dim lighting conditions.

A trend bar is provided to show the direction of the gas/vacuum pressure.

Pressure: HIGH - 60psi / LOW - 40psi / Normal - 50psi
Nitrogen: HIGH - 195psi / LOW - 140psi / Normal 165psi
Vacuum: LOW - 12 inHg / Normal - 20 inHg.

*Master alarms monitor source equipment, such as: Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, High/Low Pressure Switches, Manifolds and other pipeline devices. Up to 60 devices can be monitored on each alarm.

*Also available in Retro-Fit models.

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